2019-08-01 —

As expected, several New York City neighborhoods are in the "Six-Figure Club," as residents would need to make six figures to be able to afford living in a one-bedroom there. In Manhattan, the neighborhoods where residents need to make the most are Tribeca at $171,800/year of gross income; Flatiron, $160,000/year; and Battery Park City, $152,000/year. Other neighborhoods that would require six digit incomes in the borough include Midtown South, Stuyvesant Town, and Chelsea. New additions to the six-digit list in Manhattan include the Lower East Side, where you now need to make $104,520/year.

Overall, Manhattanites living in a one-bedroom would need to make a gross income of $115,800--twice the NYC median of $57,782, to live comfortably in the borough, according to the report.

Yes, there's no inflation...

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