2017-08-24 —

I read recently that 20 percent of those that voted for Trump in 2016, had voted for Barack Obama in one or both previous elections. That should tell you everything you need to know... 60 million voted for Trump so that means that 12.5 million of them weren't party loyal Republicans or white supremacists, they were just homeowners that had bet on Obama and lost when they lost their home under the absolute chaos that was HAMP.


I'm not angry about President Trump winning, nor am I mad that Hillary Clinton lost.  That's all ancient history as far as I'm concerned.  For me, it's now only about our country's continued recovery from the worst economic meltdown in 70 years.  President Trump says he wants to make America great again and, well... so do I.  So, how about we get to it, shall we?''

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