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Ollanik Construction Co. - Residential construction/custom home building




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All we presently know about this builder comes from the one story linked above. Ollanik was apparently Tucson, AZ-based, and is in Chapter 7 (converted from Chapter 11 on Feb 15.). Quoting a bit more from that brief article:

In filings, Ollanik Construction indicated that it had between 100 and 200 creditors and assets and liabilities between $1 million and $10 million.

Owned by David Ollanik, the company started out as a commercial builder, but later moved into custom home-building and other residential construction in the 1990s.

There is probably much more to tell; if you can do so, please drop us a line.

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Important: This company is on our list of builder operations that have "imploded" (see also ailing lenders). This is a somewhat subjective call, and does not necessarily mean total shutdown or bankruptcy. It can also mean steep and rapid declines in enterprise value; or abnormal "bail-out" by corporate parents or peers in order to continue to operate. The builders may be residential or commercial.